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You guys might wonder where I've been hiding the last couple of weeks.
The answer is: behind moving cartons ha/ha!
Finally my new home is finished :o)
Chaos as far as the eye could see - contrary to mainly male thinking, moving involves more than calling up a company, picking up one's magic wand from the drycleaners, swinging it while chanting 'Aba-ca-dabra' and wow, the new house has become home ;o) A bit more work than that is needed but it's all worth it once everything has found its new place, is cleaned and freshly decorated :o)
But I swear, if I see another moving carton w/in the next two years I'll get an itchy green rush ;o)
This is what the entrance upstairs looked like a couple of months ago
and now:
 I found this lovely angel at an antique market in Modena - it's by 'Meissen' from the 30's :o)
The living & dining room before I got to it - 'lovely'
wallpaper ... even if one was color-blind it would be unbearable ha/ha
The old kitchen had the charm of a coffin - pitch dark!
I'm quite proud of the transformation
TV Room
The guest bathroom went through the biggest transformation of all rooms ;o) How anyone could chose tiles in dark blue in combination with granny beige is beyond me ... pink will as always safe the day - painted by me :o)
The office had pretty much the same charm as above mentioned kitchen - it was just bigger ;o)
This is the only room in the house that has some male characteristics left and NO PINK ;o)
My Room - the wardrobe is full wood but the previous owners used it as a notice board scotch taping, super-gluing and writing things on it!!! Poor wood!
Finally I have SPACE for my shoes & bags :o)))))
A real desk will follow from Vienna :o) Now this one will have to stand in for a while.
My big idol :o)
The hall downstairs ... red plastic floor, need I say more?!
Finally enough wardrobe space -> yeahhhhhhhhhhhh :o)
Entrance downstairs
This oddly shaped room became the master bedroom & bathroom
I love my vanity table from around 1820 :o)
AND I loooooooooooooove my huge bathroom :o))))
The nasty Ikea-shelf (here covered in blue) will soon be replaced by an antique wash table :o)
And this is where I spend quite a bit of time ;o) So relaxing!
Before you guys start feeling really, really sorry for me that I had to work so very hard on my house (Hubby was conveniently on a business trip during the move), I have to confess that I finished the house already a good 10 days ago and have been shopping ever since ;o)
As Hubby has recently discovered my blog, I unfortunately can't share all my new acquisitions with you anymore since I don't want to burden him with the knowledge of everything new in my wardrobe - I'm sure you understand - but I'll post the stuff he's already seen soon. Stay tuned ;o)

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