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Hi, I`m Cat Angelina Gasparri. I started this blog and webpage

as a platform to exchange fashion & beauty ideas but most importantly

to reach people whom I can help to feel more beautiful and self-confident.

Fashion is my passion.

To me it is synonymous with having lots of fun, experimenting with different

styles & eras and the possibility to express myself in a creative and personal way.

With a lot of imagination I’ve always designed and made dancing costumes

and ball gowns since I was a little girl. I feel especially inspired by the era

of “old Hollywood” and love the late 19th century fashion, feminine and elegant.

Since I dress according to my mood rather than the current fashion trends

I am quite a chameleon.

At 19 instead of finishing my medicine studies, I jumped on a plane and took off

for my first modeling contract in Asia which was supposed to last only 3 mouths

but turned into 12 years of trotting the globe fromTokyo, Taipei, Osaka,

Paris, London, Seoul, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Delhi, etc. and back to Europe.

While modeling is a wonderful profession that gives the opportunity to meet

very interesting people from all walks of life, travel extensively and make

a good living, I felt I was missing an outlet for my creativity.

So I began to apply all the useful tricks and tips I picked up along the way

of working with hundreds of different makeup artists and started to work

in that profession as well. I love the way you can completely change a look with

a couple of well positioned and skillfully applied stokes of a brush, slightly dipped in color!

With a lot of enthusiasm I studied fashion design (focusing on bridal and evening wear)

in London and started to style people surrounding me by advising them

on what suits & fits them and passing on everything I learned

while spending half my life time in the world of fashion.

My next destination was a 5 year stay in India, where I was very lucky

(besides many other things) to acquire a vast knowledge of fabrics,

hand print techniques and embroidery and fell in love with color again

after having been a minimalist who only wore plain and simple,

unembellished black for a while.

For the time being I`m back in Europe and am currently living between Vienna and Lugano.

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© 2010 by C. A. Gasparri