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You are beautiful – independently of height or weight –

because you are unique! There is only one of your kind.

If you dare to let your inner beauty shine through onto the

outside world, you’ll be irresistible -

that much I can promise you.

We all want to be attractive but striving for perfection is a

complete waste of time and energy since perfection doesn`t exist

and would be completely boring if it did.

The secret of looking good is to know your strong points

– and believe me, everyone has them – and

accentuate them, while hiding or distracting attention away

from the not so strong features.

I strongly believe that clothes do not make the man;

rather it’s you who brings a piece of cloth to life

by lending it your personal character.

That’s what fashion is really all about!

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© 2010 by C. A. Gasparri