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Lugano - a Fashionista's cry for help!!!!!
As today I just ignored my alarm clock - being still sore from yesterday’s intense Yoga class - I turned around and kept on snoozing instead of going to the gym. Later on in the day I felt guilty and decided I needed at least a power walk downtown.
Shades: Prada, Top: Roberto Cavalli, Leggin: Victoria's Secret, Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Pretty Ballerina
Sophie looked at me so pleadingly that I took her along :o)
Lugano per se is certainly not the worst place in the world to live ...
Sophie with her red patent camellia harness from 'For Pets Only'
Leash ordered from YOOX
But here I'm gonna give you a visual of what I mean when I'm always complaining that Lugano equals the desert when it comes to shopping!!!!
Having to look at a window like this, I think I deserve all your sympathy!!!!
I have no idea at all who would enter a shop like this!!!!
This one is of one of the most established shops in town - all designer brands ... but does it look inviting to you?!!
This one takes the cake! Overstuffed AND overpriced!!!
On closer inspection one can see that everything is by high end brands ...
... and occasionally one even finds something cool and out of the ordinary (although not necessarily to my personal taste)
This is not the window of a DIY-shop in case you were wondering. For the love of taste - what were they thinking???? The sequence number could even look cool and quite Carry Bradshaw if displayed better ...
Of course there is the occasional drop of water in this sad desert :o)
Does anyone know where I could find a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk?!
Ahhhhh, Cartier - always a sight for sore eyes :o)
So, here is my appeal to all designers: pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease open a shop in Lugano - we need you!!!!! There's definitely potential and lots of spending power - just nothing to spend it on!!!

posted by CAT ANGELINA | 16:41 | fashioncoach

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