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In absence of real shopping opportunities here in Lugano, one has to get a little bit more creative in sourcing fashion & satisfying the urge to splurge :O)
So I was very happy when a friend of mine introduced me to the webpage of YOOX!
Which fashionista wouldn't looooove a place where she can look at 16,438 pairs of shoes on 411 pages?! And that's just shoes alone!!!
Simply stunning - unfortunately not available in my size anymore :o(
Love those as well :O)
If you hit 'women' and 'clothing' you get 76,662 results on 1,917 pages!!!!! From there you have multiple options as none has time to look through that much fashion: You can chose by designer, categories, size or color which will narrow down your search significantly :O)
They carry lots of interesting designers that I for one have never heard of!
Isn't this one simply adorable?! Only good my size is no longer available otherwise I would HAVE to buy it ... By the way: did I already mention how much I'm looking forward to my new house (hopefully the renovations will be completed by mid November) where I'll finally have decent wardrobe space?! The one I have at the moment wouldn't fit even one more wire hanger even when applying a significant amount of force :o(((
What I also like a lot about this webpage is that if you go to an item that you like (here for example a dress by Alia) on the bottom of the page it gives you suggestions of what else you might like :o) Isn't that convenient?!
Just for fun I clicked on Accessories and was stunned to find 9,470 hits on 237 pages!!!
To narrow it down, I thought I should take a look at gloves -> 545 results on 14 pages :o)
How sweet! Did I already mention that I love Valentino?! ;o)
Who knew that there was a designer who has basically the same last name?!! Reason enough to buy his stuff! ;o)
HOW adorable!!!!!!
Ok, my Dears, I guess you get the idea of this shopping-heaven-page ... I'll have to love and leave you for now -> I still have about 20,000 pages to look through ha/ha ;O)

posted by CAT ANGELINA | 14:21 | fashioncoach

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