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Since I got my Iphone I'm continuously taking pictures -> what fun!!!!
These were taken with the all-in-one SuperCamera and represent only a fraction of
options this app offers! :o)
My little movie star!
This app I have discovered just by chance - it's called ColorSplash and what it does is basically transform you color pic into black and white, giving you the option to put parts of your choice back into color ... I think the effect is quite interesting!
The pics above were taken with the Hipstamatic Camera ... you can chose different edges but I think it works best on Sophie, flowers & landscapes - it's not perfect for portraits!
And this one is real fun even if it offers little variety: IncrediBooth
Since I'm fairly new to the whole Iphone scene, pls share your favorite apps with me :o) I'm always happy to be introduced to cool & tested ones!!!

posted by CAT ANGELINA | 12:22 | fashioncoach

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[ Posted by Kat, September 02, 2011 18:32 ]
     I love all the pics...hope you could fiend new apps for restyling photos^^

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