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While Sophie sits decoratively on the living room couch ...
... and Hubby cuddles with her or works, I go for a work out!
I discovered this little fitness center around the corner of my house where they have a big variety of classes so I took Yoga, my favorite :o)
After that I went to Freiverkauf (Burggasse 33, 1070 Vienna) - a REAL treasure trove!!!!!!
You find everything! And for sure always more than you had hoped for ;o)
The shop is run by Gerlinde who is not only incredibly knowledgeable about antiques & gossip, but she's also one of the most fun people I have ever met!!! She welcomes her customer to stay as long as they like, look around ask about the history of things, have a cup of coffee ...
Some customers really fit the scenery - this one is not a statue but probably the re-incarnation of Emperor Franz Josef ;o)
Since I didn't want to push Hubby over the edge with buying too much on my first visit to Gerlinde I have put certain things on hold - thinking about them :o)
Mine, yeahhhhhh! I think it's humanly impossible to own too many small, cute, antique picture frames :o)
Sophie also loves it at Freiverkauf because Gerlinde not only has a big heart for all humans but also animals and spoils her rotten with treats ;o)
I also got these amazing stoles ... the first one is black silk, hand embroidered - probably turn of the century and the second one is about from the 70s :o)
Then I found 4 strips of hand embroidered cotton to put on the edge of shelves in a glass cabinet -> yeahhh, what a treasure ... stuff like that just isn't made anymore!
Not that I really needed another bag, BUT who could resist this perfect example of 50s basket bag?!! Will look cool with jeans, white T-shirt and red wedges or peep toes :o)))

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