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What to do when winter's around already way too long 
As everybody knows the only cure really proven to work against winter depression is shopping - at the same time it serves as a wonderful (and not boring) workout to get rid of the Xmas-cookies that somehow ended up taking residence on the hip area! And boy, have I taken my own advice seriously ;o) Here are some pictures of what I got lately
Ever since I saw this picture I have been trying to hunt down these shades literally all over the planet since late June last year!!! Now I finally found a shop that had all three available colours on stock for me to try and predictably enough I chose the black ones after all ...
Looooooooooooove my new Cartier bag - it's a bit bigger than my usual bags so I can also fit all the stuff I might need for my doggy - in other words it was an essential must-have and not a splurge!
Dress by Valentino Red ... first worn the wrong way round (!) with Alexander McQueen crystal sandals
It can also look quite cute with a coloured tank-top underneath (of course worn the right way round this time ha/ha) and summery sandals (by Venus) or sophisticated in combination with a black top and elegant shoes (these are by Gianni Marra)
'Carmen' dress by Valentino ... red lip bag by Timmy Woods, red T-shirt-bra by Victoria's Secret, shoes also by Valentino
Dress by Prada - a simple must-have :o)
Top by Valentino - I already have the same one in emerald green but since I like it so much I also got the classic black one :o)
Sandals by Alexander McQueen - very comfortable although I have to admit that they don't look it!
Even I have to admit that the previous shoes might not be THE most practical addition to my collection, so for the more usable front I got these Chanel rubber boots to wear when I walk my Sophie-doggy :o)

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