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Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison
This is one of the cutest books ever ... especially if you love shoes just as much as me ;o)
This entertaining novel is set in Washington, D.C., Harbison features four very different women brought together by a shared passion: shoes.
Trying to get a handle on her massive consumer debt, Lorna Rafferty posts an Internet ad looking to trade footwear with women who have good taste and wear size seven-and-a-half. A senator's trophy wife, Helene Zaharis, is dreaming of escaping her loveless marriage when she stumbles upon Lorna's post. Overweight phone sex operator Sandra Vanderslice struggles to overcome her agoraphobia long enough to attend the shoe meetings. After a few funny missteps, the threesome finds a fourth member, Joss Bowen, the nanny of a shrewish socialite's hellion boys. Joss couldn't care less about shoes, but uses the group as a reason to get out of the house.
Harbison does a fine job of showcasing how each woman is trappedóLorna by her debt, Helene by her marriage, Sandra by her self-image, Joss by her employment contractóand how the fresh eyes of the group allow them to see themselves in a new light.
Have fun reading this page turner as well and if you have any suggestions for me to read please leave them in the comments! THANKS :o)

posted by CAT ANGELINA | 17:47 | fashioncoach

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[ Posted by SILVIA, January 09, 2011 16:31 ]
     I think you could love Jay McInerney's Model Behavior (a collection of 7 witty stories).
Hope to see u soon: sales are calling!! ;0)))

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