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Like every Fashionista I had planned a couple of looks for this Xmas party season ... here are some of them:
Dress: Valentino
Boots: Prada
Dress: Valentino
Shoes: Alexander McQueen
Dress: Vintage
Lurex sweater: Vintage
Shoes: Louboutin
Whole outfit by Valentino
Dress: Fumagalli
Bag & shoes: Valentino
As we all know life is what happens while one is busy making plans ... It turned out that instead of Champagne or perfume my Hubby brought home a really aggressive virus from his last business trip before Xmas. Since his immune system is a lot stronger than mine this virus (I call it nasty Albert -> it's easier to fight something that has a name) soon enough gave up on him and focussed all its energy on me instead!
Nasty Albert managed to raise my temperature in fighting him over 39°C ... Since my hubby's family had planned a reunion for weeks on end I convinced him to go without me - I believe it best not to upset people if one can help it, least of all the in-laws ;o)
So I found myself home alone with Sophie my cute, adorable puppy and nasty, evil Albert, the virus!
I know it sounds terriblly sad to be home alone on Xmas BUT tell you what ... instead of going to church I asked my Angels to look after all my Near & Dear ones and made a mental list of what all I have to be really grateful for in my life - and I realized: virus or no virus -> I'm still one of the luckiest bunnies :o))))
But when nasty Albert reduced my Xmas outfit to an only almost Valentino-red bathrobe I knew that was one too many and I had to fight him with all my might ;o)
While I was boiling up my temperature one more night Sophie watched over me :o)
Today I feel much better and I know by the time New Year comes around I'll be good as new :o)
Guys, whoever of you is in condition to drink, please have a glass of champagne for me as well ... I promise to catch up by New Years ;O)
Sending all of you lots of love, blessings and good thoughts!!!

posted by CAT ANGELINA | 21:26 | fashioncoach

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[ Posted by SILVIA, December 29, 2010 20:32 ]
     Oh! Très glamour, so very French and lovely. You look amazing! how stylish! love all the accessories.

[ Posted by Sissi, December 31, 2010 17:39 ]
     I had not thought it possible that someone could be more photogenic than you but Sophie has stolen your thunder! This Lady looks straight into the lens! Happy new year!

[ Posted by Cat Angelina, January 01, 2011 14:58 ]
     Thx Silvia :O)))

LOL @ Sissi -> I can live w being upstaged by Sophie ;O) I also think she's very photogenic


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