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Straight to the heart ;o)
I know it should be me teaching my puppy-doggy ... but she's also helping me in learning a thing or two - for example:
1) Not to be grumpy B.C. (before coffee)! Now my morning routine involves getting up early, first thing: jump into my tracksuit and take her for a walk ... When you see her hopping up and down with joy you forget the lack of caffeine!!!
2) Be more patient: I need to wash her (at least partly) every morning, followed by combing. An exercise she doesn't entirely approve of. So I have to learn to soothe her, wait till she's calmed down again and then continue with our routine ;o)
3) Teach her things with kindness: Initially I had no clue how to get through to her and thought if she did something wrong I needed to scold her ... This made both of us unhappy. Now we have a new game: I do the happy dance if she DOES things right and just wrinkle my nose and go 'ughhhh, no' for the undesired actions.
4) Some things take time ... I used to be very, very well organized and structured ... this has relaxed a bit ... now I take time to play, cuddle, play-fight over toys, etc, get less house work done, my nails are in desperate need of attention but I'm much happier!!! :o)

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Vacation in nice Nice 

Every cat should have a dog :o) 


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