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Going to Milano with Sophie :o)
Since it was a nice and sunny day I decided to introduce Sophie to one of the world's most famous shopping capitals :o)
Hubby driving, Sophie sleeping like an angel, not making a single peep!
The first smell of the new and exciting city :o)
Sophie with princess harness ;o)
Me wearing a vintage mink jacket (don't worry, I didn't kill any animals, I'm simply recycling!), Lagerfeld cashmere turtle neck, 7 All Mankind Jeans, Alexander McQueen boots and carrying my Cartier bag.
Stopping for lunch :o)
Shades: Dolce & Gabbana, Gloves: Sermoneta
Sophie quite happy in her bag, taking a rest after such a loooong walk (about 5 blocks!)
On Via Monte Napoleone ... On the hunt for a designer doggy bag
First stop: Prada -> they don't do pet bags at all :o(
Next destination: Gucci ... The first one is quite practical but only comes in beige - not Sophie & my colour and the black one is too masculine for 2 princesses like us ;o)
Chanel had a queue half a mile long just to enter the shop -> very disappointing!!!!!
I found this picture during my Google search ... so I do have my hopes up that Sophie will get a Chanel bag from Santa Claus ;o)
She looooves to snuggle up to me :o)
Exhausted after an exciting day :o)

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Vacation in nice Nice 

Every cat should have a dog :o) 


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