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Girls day out in Milano :o)
At 10 a.m. (which for me still equals the middle of the night) we start the trip to Milano to expand our shopping horizons ;o) Plan A was to conquer Via Monte Napoleone ...
Our first stop was to be 'Custo' - seeing the happy & colourful windows I was happy to enter - thinking since I normally shy away from loud patterns & a vibrant colour mix I was sure not to blow my whole budget in the first shop we entered ;o) Well, so the theory anyway ...
The first thing that caught my eye was those fabulous huge pink lipsticks! I desperately wanted to buy one but even though I clapped my lashes feverously at the cute male shop assistant he didn't even sell me a single one -> seriously, do they need all three of them?!! I took my 'revenge' by trying on pretty much the whole of the shop's merchandise on display before making up my mind of what I would take home instead of the glittery pink lipsticks ;o) What fun - something one can only do together with a girlfriend!!!
This dress is so cool since it can be practically worn all year round (on its own with McQueen pumps or with Patricia Pepe satin pants & Louboutins)
The 'happy top' ... since I wasn't able to stock up my Barbie collection with one of those wonderful huge lipsticks, I was at least lucky enough to find a top with similar print ;o) Also this one is very versatile: First worn with Thierry Mugler capris & Louboutin Barbie shoes, then with aqua stretch pants & pink Louboutins ... using an emerald scarf as belt either around the waist or hip.
Or simply with leggins :o)
After all this exhausting trying on (no wonder Carrie from Sex & the City refers to this exercise as her 'cardio'!!!) we were in desperate need for food and drink and found this adorable Japanese restaurant just around the corner of 'Custo' :o)
Cheers :o)))
Re-energized we make our way towards Via Monte Napoleone and find this wonderful art gallery:
I just loooooooooooove roses ... hmmmm, one day I hope to be able to buy one of these paintings!
Just when we were heading finally into the right direction we got side tracked again by the window of this amazing vintage shop -> what a treasure trove!!!!
I loooove this little beaded emerald bag - but since I wasn't sure it would really go with my new coat I resisted buying it ... now as I'm posting the picture I'm not so sure that wasn't a big mistake as it's really, really adorable ... In the other picture I'm wearing a Dior Couture hat from 1954 with my own ocelot coat which is also from the 50s :o)
'From Russia with love' ;o) Love this fur hat - here worn with Wolford body & 'Valentino Red' jacket ...
Vintage Moschino coat, worn with Paricia Pepe satin pants and McQueen pumps :o)
Boy, did we have fun!!!!!! And where did the time go? After we had bought almost more than we could carry back to the car it was already time to go back home and we never made it to Via Monte Napoleone - but we'll go back soon ;o)
We wouldn't mind living in either of those houses ... ;o)

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