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Chanel Days
Jacket: Chanel
Shirt: Malizia
Satin Pants: 7 All Mankind
Let me explain about ‘Chanel Days’: Those are the ones where one doesn't feel all that confident or competent and needs a boost from ones clothes!
For me one such day was when I needed to get some stuff done for my webpage and although the process was explained to me by my computer-wiz friend (with sage like patience) already three times, I still couldn't remember how to go about the affair.  Although even my computer is pink, I still haven't really made friends with all the technical options it offers ;o) So to me it was clear that neither my 'Barbie with Brain'-T-shirt nor pink in general would do. It had to be one of those very classic black & white ‘Chanel Days’!
Chanel, no matter how old or new, always makes you feel smart, competent, well dressed and ready to conquer the world with a smile on your face!!!!
Feeling more confident already! ;o)
Bag: Prada, big enough to hold my laptop
Shoes: Chanel
Shades: Chanel
Ready to go and conquer just about anything and anyone ;o)
This is what real office space should look like ;o)
Specialist @ work :o))))

posted by CAT ANGELINA | 11:43 | fashioncoach

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Vacation in nice Nice 

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