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My views on the current Fall/Winter-Look
Back in Lugano after exciting weeks of vacation I was feeling a little bit low being all alone for two weeks (at this point I accept all heart-felt condolences, ha/ha) while Hubby is away on business and my friends still out of town Ö Since it was a beautifully sunny day I decided that retail therapy was on order to brighten up my mood! So I headed downtown (or rather down-village).
As soon as I opened the front door of my house I realized although it was still warm, there was definitely already a nip in the air which is a sure sign that fall is on its way ... I walked along the lake and at first didnít want to see that there were more fallen leaves on the sidewalk than usual. I thought since summer took sooooo long to show up this year, it would at least have the courtesy to linger around, well, FOREVER, minimum!!! But having a closer look at the trees above me, there was no denying that the leaves had started turning :o(
Having had a good look through a couple of fashion mags already, I knew that animal print, big knit, the 50ís and earth tones were the latest trend ... Well, I can live with the first 3 categories. I like animal prints in smaller doses, being blonde and fair, I have to be careful not to look too racy. Big knit can look nice with leggings or skinny pants and is cosy to launch around at home; the 50ís I have always absolutely adored and itís one of my all time favourite looks!!!! But earth tones are really not my thing!
Walking past all those shop windows the only thing that greeted me were awful non-shaped garments in none-colours like taupe, mushroom, mud-green, brownish greys, pale, washed out looking aubergine, ashes of rose, dirty brown, etc.  ... I was shocked! Isnít it bad enough having to go through fall and winter in Europe where there is barely enough light for house plants to survive Ė much less a good mood?! How can it be, that designers offer us all those washed out, dirty or dead looking colours as much needed retail therapy to console us over falling temperatures & increasing rainfalls??? Donít they know that they have the responsibility to keep us happy, economy booming and wardrobes overstuffed?
I found no traces of tiger prints or 50ís chic and as long as thatís the case, Iím boycotting this yearís Fall/Winter-Collections!!! Iím going to wear all of my last yearís purples in combination with emerald (which goes perfectly with my green eyes) or fuchsia, which is a real feel-good-colour and perhaps some black & greys again ... Hook so I spoke! I can already see my credit card retreating with a sniff into the soft leather folds of my wallet, giving me the cold shoulder & a scolding look! But it will also have the effect that my bank account will fatten up (in preparation for the new SS-Collection) and Hubby will be happy to hear about my upcoming shopping abstinence ;o)
Having said all this, I still managed to unearth & buy a very cosy, grey sweater Ė in a real grey, without a muddy tint to it, with tiny clear sequins (not the iridescent ones, mind you, those should be forbidden by law and their use severely punished!!!). They sparkled especially nice in the halogen lights of the changing room as if they wanted to encourage me to take this twinkling sweater back home ;o)
To vamp up and prepare my existing wardrobe for the inescapable advances of dreary autumn & winter, I went to see my favourite shoe guy (see, Iím never short of excuses to extend my collection of shoes, theehee) and was pleasantly surprised to find so many things to make me happy! I got a pair of Alexander McQueen boots in black embroidered velvet with white fur trim which will go very nicely with my 70ís mink jacket.
The metallic silver and black suede McQueen-pumps will brighten up all the greys I already call my own ...
And then, I have to confess, there were some Louboutins I simply couldnít resist. But seeing as they are classics and will live forever AND were on sale, so a very good investment, they basically donít really count. The other pair of ankle boots falls under the category Ďart projectí: itís made of patchwork and one part of it is mustard-yellow-brown (ughhh!) that I really donít care for, so Iíll try to relieve it of its original miserable colour and dye it red. This way theyíll be a Ďone offí and even more special -> Wish me luck!!! ;o)

posted by CAT ANGELINA | 17:04 | fashioncoach

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