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FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2010

Makeup Ė how to transform your face into a masterpiece
Part 3 Ė The eyes
It is often said that your eyes are the windows to your soul Ö Sounds romantic, doesnít it? And although windows look very nice with draped curtains, we donít want to achieve the same effect with our skin around the eyes so the secret is to moisturize, moisturize AND moisturize!!!! Do a mask once or twice a week and use eye cream mornings and evenings! Itís never too late to start with this routine Ė safe to say, the sooner the better. I have a very dear friend who works in cosmetics who was totally shocked when I told her at the tender age of 20 I didnít see the point of using said cream yet. She told me in a very stern and almost breathless tone ĎMy Dear, if youíre old enough to wear makeup, youíre certainly old enough to take care of your skiní Ö so, slightly blushing at my ignorance I went and dutifully got my first skincare set including eye cream! :o)
Now let the fun begin! Eye-makeup offers for sure the widest variety of getting creative and by playing around with different colors and all sorts of styles youíll find your personal favorite :o) Keeping the principle of light & dark in mind, I suggest to put light shades at the inner angle of your eye and under the highest point of the arch of your eyebrow which opens up your eyes and makes them look bigger.
To apply shadow you can use an applicator, cotton butts (this usually gives a intense shade), brushed or your finger tips. When trying out color Iíd say almost anything goes with dark brown or black eyes and you can easily match the eye shadow to your outfit Ė hurray! For all other colors keep complementary shades in mind (for example: blue <Ė> crimson red, green <Ė> magenta, yellow <Ė> purple). So letís say you have blue eyes: you could opt for shadow in a mix of different blues or go for nude shades in browns. To bring out the blue even more you could wear red lipstick since crimson would be a bit of an unhealthy looking choice of eye shadow ;o) Green eyes look lovely with green, mauve and grey and amber ones with shades of gold or purple Ö Since most eye-colors are mixed the best idea I feel is to experiment rather than sticking to rigid color theories! Rule of thumb: if your eyes look bright & sparkly, congrats, youíve found the right hue :o)
If color all over your eyelids is not your thing but you still want to draw more attention to your eyes, you could opt for eyeliner. There are a couple of options: Either you use a pencil (best to warm up the tip on the back of your hand), apply shadow wet or dry (makes the shade more intense) with a thin brush or use a liquid liner. My tip for the liquid option is to use a separate very thin brush since the original one sometimes still is a little on the thick side and the thinner the brush the easier the application of a fine line :o) I always start at the middle of the lashes with a thicker line and draw it outwards curving up a little at the end  Ö this way there is only little paint left on the brush when I  use it to draw a very fine line from the beginning of the lashes till the lines are connected.
Now we have reached the most important part: mascara!!! In case your lashes donít naturally grow in an upwards swing use lash curlers which also make your lashes look longer :o) Clip your them at the root and once or twice towards the tips Ė that gives a more natural look (be careful not to include your eyelid in the clipping process Ė that hurts like hell!!!). Personally I only use mascara on my upper lashes but in generous 3 layers :o) Iíve tried out all kinds of mascara and have decided that black, non waterproof works best for me since it doesnít dry out the lashes and as I donít like to use eye makeup remover itís easy to wash off (the only exception Iíd make is for weddings and other occasions Iím likely to cry). The one that works best for me is LíOrealís Volumes x 4 Ė itís like fake lashes in a tube ;o)

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