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MONDAY, MAY 31, 2010

Makeup - How to transform your face into a masterpiece
Part 2 – The eyebrows
By finding the perfect shape of your eyebrows you can really "open up” your eyes, make them look bigger and draw attention to them, Bambi, here I come! They are like frames for your eyes – using plural to describe them, implies already that there should always be two of them. The hair above the bridge of your nose is really not needed, so you can happily do without. Go ahead, plug it!
Eyebrows start at their bushiest on the outer bridge of our nose, should slightly arch up towards a bit after the middle and decline at the end, where they are thinnest. The highest point is to be above the outer edge of your iris if you look yourself straight in the eye. This can be achieved by plugging the unnecessary hair from below the arch. If you draw an imaginary line from the outer corner of the wing of your nose to the outer corner of your eye and continue that invisible line, you find the point where the brow should end. If you´re unsure about the effect, take a light colored pencil before you grab your tweezers and draw over the hair you’re about to get rid of – that way you get a good impression how the intended shape will suit you. A word of warning: The hair of your eyebrows is unfortunately the only one on your body that might never grow back - I know, I know, we all desperately wish this was the case in the bikini area instead!!!
If just for fun you want to try out something dramatic like the 20s look, I suggest you use wax to flatten out the hair and cover it up with makeup, than pencil in the desired shape rather than plugging out your real eyebrows to nothing but a thin line!
If you have very few brow hair it’s sometimes advisable not to plug all that grows a bit out of shape but rather cut it. If some hair "misbehaves” and keeps bending in the wrong direction, use your parenting skills by putting a bit of gel on an old toothbrush to fix it … over time you will  have "educated” it to stand in the desired way all on its own :o)

posted by CAT ANGELINA | 10:02 | fashioncoach

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