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THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2010

Makeup – how to transform your face into a masterpiece
Part 1- The base
Think of your face as a brand new canvas – unlimited possibilities are awaiting your creativity! Like every good artist one must prepare the raw canvas before starting a masterpiece, ergo clean your face throughoutly, tone and moisturize it. Do you feel your creative juices flowing? Good, because now you’re ready to get started!
The primer, aka foundation: If your skin is youthfully even and clear, congratulations, ding, ding, jackpot, you won! It’s like you bought an already primed canvas. If not, you have a couple of options: in case there are blemishes cover them up, using a brush or your fingertip, with a creamy concealer and keep in mind that it usually darkens a fraction after time.  Bright red spots can be hidden under a layer of light green followed by one in your skin tone – et voila, it’s as if the pimple never existed in the first place! If you sport one that cannot be covered up because it´s bumpy, turn it into a beauty mark by covering it with a brown pencil followed by a layer of powder! There you go, Marie Antoinette ;o)
IIn case you feel your skin still needs to be further evened out, apply foundation that not only matches your skin tone (best tried out on your neck) but also your type. For dry skin opt for liquid moister-rich makeup, for combination skin a cream based and for oily a powder based one.  To apply it, use the help of a little spunch or your finger tips. Liquid and cream based makeup needs to be fixed with powder. Keep the layers as thin as possible – you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a mask that cracks once you start smile ;o)
Sculpturing: Since now your face is all the same color it might look a bit "flat”. To give it more dimension, angle & drama, sculpture it with shading, as in powder a couple (1 or 2) shades darker than your natural skin tone – while for getting photographed you can use shading in a quite dramatic way, in daily life you don’t want it to be obvious and by all means avoid the stripy zebra look!
Same as with clothes the principle of color applies: light shades stand out while darker ones withdraw respectfully into the background. To find out the areas in need of your first bush strokes stand in front of the mirror and look at your face straight on. Now it gets really interesting because you’re about to get creative, yeah! The areas that you want to shorten or stand back get darkened. For example: if you want more prominent cheek bones, darken the area below the bone. Is your forehead too long, apply the shading near your hairline. If your nose is too wide, dark goes on either side of it … I think you got my point :o)
For a fresh glow, apply a little bit of blush on your cheek bone and with that, congratulation, the first and most important step to your masterpiece is achieved! If you want to keep the look natural, all you need to add is mascara and a bit of lip gloss and you’re good to go!

posted by CAT ANGELINA | 16:27 | fashioncoach

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