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The Bimbo Saga
 All men are said to go crazy for a girl with big breasts, slim and preferably blonde, who will only open her mouth to pay him a compliment, take a sip of champagne or give him a blow job … This got me thinking: If that were so, what is the overall taste of women?! What does the universal prince charming look like?
I stocked up on bubbly & nibbles and gathered some of my girlfriends for a night of exploration into this subject. Although we all agreed that George Clooney really is sexy when discussing our taste in men opinions varied as much as humanly possible!
We started off discussing the appeal of the classic Calvin Klein underwear model: opinions diversified from ‘mhhhh, dishy’, ‘wouldn’t refuse him my mattress for the night’ to ‘well, nice to look at, like a Greek statue, but doesn’t do anything much for me’ ...
When describing their man of dreams the picture was as varied as can be.
While Susan loses it for the almost under-aged ‘Latin lover’, passion & testosterone on legs, a man with longish hair, bad/macho manners, dark eyes, olive skin and quite hairy, Bridget goes crazy for the modest version of the ‘biker’, the hunky ‘don’t-mess-with-me-type’ with a bit of a belly, unshaven, ponytail and leather gear, hard on the outside but showing his softer side once he knows you better. Roberta just adores the lean, trim yoga type who doesn’t have an ounce of fat on his body; he is philosophical, dope smoking, un-materialistic, living in a hut in Thailand owning the grand total of 2 changes of clothes, enough cash for the next meal and pack of smokes … Sandra on the other hand prefers the homely Teddy bear guy who will watch movies together curled up on the living room couch, makes polite love to her and does the weekly grocery shopping on Saturday mornings – someone she can feel safe with. Christine goes mad about the well defined guy who spends a good couple of hours at the gym every day, knows the calorie count of every fruit and vegetable better than her, thinks his body is his temple and needs more time in the bathroom than herself for grooming and shaving in all possible and impossible areas – but he just feels soooo good to the touch. Maggie loves the oriental guy – he knows he’s the MAN, takes charge of everything, has mystic looks and seems impossible to tame. Celine prefers the artistic guy who is very sensitive (mostly to his own needs though), creative, elusive, manic depressive but an interesting character and passionate about his work beyond words. Sonya is intrigued by the achieving guy who has a big fat bank balance, drives a swanky car, gives her enough spending money to keep her passion for designer gear afloat, has average looks and is soooooo happy to have a human version of Barbie at his side whom he can proudly show off. Cathy on the other hand dreams of a guy who is tall and slim, has fair skin, dark wavy hair, blue or green eyes, is romantic and speaks with a French accent, preferably significantly older than her with aristocratic manners and an Ivy League education.
No amount of bubbly seemed to make it possible for us 9 girls to find a conclusion on how our common ‘Mr. Dreams’ should look or be like. All our tastes were just way too different.
So I wonder if the taste of just 9 women of various ages provides such a great range why do we women still get so worked up about the ‘Bimbo saga’ and are afraid of losing our guy to such a creature?! Although I do admit that men’s imagination on average is somewhat less vivid than women’s, why are we still worried that ALL men want the same?
My conclusion after our girls-night-in is that each and every one of us should be happy with how she looks and is because there is a guy out there how’s longing to exactly be with her type!

posted by CAT ANGELINA | 21:08 | fashioncoach

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