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   Unwanted Hair  
Having just recently been to the States I couldn’t avoid the endless bombardment of commercial breaks while trying to watch a movie after and exhausting day of passionate shopping. Besides millions of car/loan/shark lawyers clips I was informed that every self-respecting woman over there removes her unwanted hair with an ‘epilette’ ergo a crystal based patch that looks like a cross of foot scrub thingy and nail file … On the flight back I saw the another advertisement on the in-flight magazine where it was offered for mail order but only within the States …
I was a little disappointed with myself that I forgot to look around for this miracle patch while I was browsing through the endless isles of ‘Walgreens’ but was delighted to find the same epilette at ‘Bipa’ in the manicure/fake lash section while looking for lash glue for the bargain price of just E 4.95! I immediately bought one and went to work with it as soon as I reached home. As it comes without instructions I tried it out on my lower arm.
Since the surface of this thingy is very smooth (feels softer then a paper nail file) I vigorously scrubbed my arm and was happy to find the unwanted hair falling off into the sink below. Only about a minute later I realized that I had in my effort to destroy the unwanted hair also scrubbed off a significant amount of skin which had turned bright red and was stinging like a burn wound! I tried to sooth my poor skin with mountains worth of Aloe Vera gel, with slim success. It took about 2 days for it to make friends with me again and return to its normal color. BUT the hair has not started growing back yet even a week later (I guess I scarred it off for quite a while) and the skin is now smooth again.
Just yesterday I tried the miracle patch out on my calves only very gently moving it in a circular fashion (clock and counter clock wise) over my skin and can’t complain about its outcome :o) The skin is hairless and smooth without the little red dots that common epilation usually leaves for at least the reminder of the day …

posted by CAT ANGELINA | 15:27 | fashioncoach

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