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Finding your style
Exercise Number 1:
Stand in front of the mirror in underwear and assess yourself, study your shape.

Exercise Number 2:
Find at least 10 points about your looks that you really like. Noooo … sentences that start with ‘I really like …, BUT …’ won’t do. Try again! There are no ‘buts’ allowed.
Women are said to be their own worst critics and so far I haven’t come across anyone who’ll break that rule for me – so it’ll take some work ;o)

Exercise Number 3:
Make friends with what you have! Everybody is beautiful – it’s just a question of how confidently you inhabit your own body.
Go ahead; do study the people around you. Sometimes you see people who draw your attention and seem to be sooooo beautiful and when you study their features more closely you register that they have quite a few flaws and are not so perfect, perfect after all. Now, what is it then that makes them so attractive? It’s the way they feel at home within themselves, they FEEL beautiful – that’s the vibe they send out and get mirrored back.

Exercise Number 4:
Think about how you can show off these 10 great points of yourself to their best potential at the same time hiding the not so perfect aspects.
For example: You have great shaped legs but the veins are showing a bit too much for your liking. What do you do to still show off your legs? You could opt for opaque (brightly) colored/patterned stockings or leggings. This will draw attention to that part of your body. If that’s not your thing, try tight fitting pants that also show of the shape of your asset :o) This list could go on and on …
Rules of thumb: attention gets drawn mostly to bright colors, seams, change of fabric/pattern … Shiny & light materials stick out since the light plays with them while mat & dark ones stay in the background. This trick is often used for stage costumes: for example if you want to create the idea of a wasp waist but still letting your actress be able to breathe reasonably well, you would do a corset that sports satin as a front panel ending in a small point below the waist. Velvet would be used for the sides since it swallows the light. So from a distance you would mostly see the satin parts :o)

Exercise Number 5 (if Number 4 feels a bit difficult):
Look out for a celebrity who has more or less your shape. Sometimes it’s easier to assess what fits and what doesn’t from an outside view. Study her; make up your mind what you think suits her and what doesn’t.
Now I’m not telling you to take out a loan to copy her wardrobe, no, no, I won’t give you that excuse! But don’t despair that you don’t have the same funds available since basically all you see on the runway - where one single full outfit costs about as much as a small flat in a major capital city - will be available on the high street in a similar fashion a couple weeks to max 2 months later. After all fashion & style are not about re-inventing the wheel but simply getting inspired (sounds better then copying) by the rich and beautiful.

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[ Posted by Alice, February 24, 2010 16:30 ]
     I have been struggling with finding my own style but will give your suggestions a try. Thanks for posting them!


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