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A wonderfully sunny fall day in Milano :o)
Jacket: Vintage rabbit, Ballerina Cashmere Wrap: Blunauta, Body & Tights: Wolford, Skirt: REDValentino, Bag: Croco Vintage, Over knees: Move Dancewear, Shoes: Boss
Sophie wearing her new harness & leash from 'For Pets Only'
I'm trying to get Sophie to pose with me ...
... but she doesn't listen and is more intrigued by pigeons ;o)
On the lookout for a diversity from all my Victoria's Secret workout clothes ... but I only found skirted leggings and more stirrtup over knees ... Guess I'll have to cruise 'Dance Moves' Onlineshop some more ;o)
Sophie also loooooves to sit in Trattorias and watch people walk by :o)
Patiently waiting for the food to come - knowing that I'll share my Piadina with her according to size of stomach ;o)
I could live on Piadinas at the moment - it's almost an addiction!
After some boring shopping for Hubby's new running gear (I guess he feels insprired by my daily trips to the gym ha/ha) I dragged him into the first Prada shop :o)
I like their new collection of boots - I think the idea of pump with a boot-shaft is cute, but the heels are terrible! But as the shop is soooo beautiful one can't possibly leave w/out buying anything so I made Hubby get a pair of ankle boots for himself :o)

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