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As everyone knows, Vienna is a great hunting ground for antiques! One area where one finds lots of antique shops is around Naschmarkt and one of my fav ones is 'Freiverkauf' on Burggasse 33 in 1070 Vienna :o)
So besides turn of the century jewelry boxes & picture frames I got this adorable lamp - the shade could be exchanged since I'm not mad about the style, but at least the color goes with my white, powder blue & gold theme :o)
Isn't the angel cute? I think one can't surround oneself with too many of them ;o)
What are antiques without the matching clothes?!! I looooove this shoulder wrap from around 1890! It's all silk & handmade.
I adore the intricate decoration!
Since I was already shopping and have lost my cashmere pashmina, I also got this velvet wrap :o)
One side is lush black velvet and the other one is made of black fabric that has a little bit of glitter woven in :o)
What I'm gonna do with this one, I'm not sure yet, but who could resist an emerald green ostrich feather?!! Perhaps I should look through my vintage hat collection and see if it would match one of them?

posted by CAT ANGELINA | 11:40 | fashioncoach

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